Wellness area

Baita Dovich offers its guests a Finnish sauna – a relaxation method that promotes recovery, relieves muscle tension, improves circulation, and eliminates toxins and impurities that we accumulate in our daily life.

Enjoy a moment of peace and well-being in the sauna at the foot of Marmolada – a true ancient purification ritual! In fact, the therapeutic benefits of sauna heat were already known in ancient Greece.


Come and discover with our new e-bikes the fascinating trails that surround Baita Dovich!

For your excursions on the two wheels, with friends or with your family, you will find in our hotel four e-bikes for adults and one for children: from the Serrai di Sottoguda to Alleghe or along the many paths of the Marmolada, you will be able to enjoy long rides while admiring the spectacular landscapes of the Dolomites.


Book your stay at the foot of the Queen of the Dolomites, at Baita Dovich.