The Serrai of Sottoguda

Just 7km from Baita Dovich a location unfolds, from the impressive Rocca Pietore to Malga Ciapela, representing the destination of choice for many tourists from all over the world. We are talking about the Serrai di Sottoguda, a 2km long canyon which has something for everyone, from adventurous walks for families with children to the famous frozen waterfalls for intrepid climbers.

The Serrai di Sottoguda, a magical place to experience the Dolomites

If you are looking for one of those destinations that, thanks to the magical hand of Nature, has what it takes to render those who witness it spellbound, you just need to head to the foot of the Marmolada, located between Sottoguda and Malga Ciapela. In fact, right here there is a completely natural canyon that has been hollowed out by the slow activity of the Pettorina stream and is named the Serrai di Sottoguda.

By visiting the Serrai di Sottoguda, the lucky tourist will appreciate that you don’t need to go to the US to see a spectacular canyon. The Serrai can be crossed on foot, thanks to a simple and helpful itinerary that allows you to observe the gorges and ravines along a narrow corridor formed by high walls that are hundreds of metres tall. These walls freeze in winter and offer a fairy tale setting. These high-impact natural monuments can also be visited by those who do not feel like following or cannot follow the path on foot, thanks to the prevision of a sightseeing train service.

The Serrai di Sottoguda in winter, surrounded by adventure and magic

The canyon at the foot of the Marmolada is a popular destination for all ice climbing enthusiasts. In fact, the highest waterfalls that characterise the Serrai di Sottoguda, freeze during the winter and become real walls of ice. Thanks to the natural beauty of the place, the wide variety of available routes and the ease with which you can reach the Serrai, it is easy to understand why climbers from all over Europe will head for this enchanted place to embark on adrenaline-fuelled adventures!

During the winter season, it is certainly possible (indeed, we thoroughly recommend it to you) to visit the Serrai di Sottoguda on foot and enjoy the frozen waterfalls …even if you don’t manage to scale them.

The Serrai di Sottoguda in the summer, a picturesque walk

During the summer, you can visit the Serrai di Sottoguda on foot, by bike or by train. In each of these instances you will be surrounded by an atmosphere that is both magical and mysterious: did you know that there are many legends that are told about this place, such as the famous legend of King Ombro? Walking along the Serrai di Sottoguda, you can admire several illustrations that tell their own stories about the legends of the place: there isn’t a child on Earth who wouldn’t be captivated, and we are confident that we can promise the same thing for adults too (it happened to us).

The Serrai di Sottoguda has been listed as a nature reserve. Do you need any more reasons to come and visit? :).

Serrai di Sottoguda, information, schedules, prices and concessions

Here at Baita Dovich we are a Marmolada Tourist Operators Consortium. If you stay with us you are entitled, free of charge, to the Marmolada Card which will grant you free access to the Canyon of Serrai di Sottoguda and a ticket discount for many other activities listed on the Card.

You can find all information about times and prices here.

Two suggestions endorsed by Baita Dovich:

  • This timeless place is accessible to anyone who wants to contemplate its majesty, but always remember to adopt appropriate behaviour in keeping with sensible and environmentally friendly tourism.
  • Following a walk to the Serrai di Sottoguda, you might be caught up not only in the beauty of the place, but also by a voracious hunger: if so, you know where to find us!