Skiing on Marmolada: 3 tips to follow.

sciare sulla marmolada skiing on marmolada

We know that it is every skier’s dream to ski on Mount Marmolada if they are in the Dolomites for the winter season. But there is so much effort involved before clipping your boots into your skis!
In this article, we will give you some advice on how to avoid aimlessly searching for a carpark, and how to avoid long queues at the skipass counter and the cable car stop.

Skiing on Marmolada, the best piste to choose.

Perhaps not everyone knows that skiing on Marmolada is not an impossible feat. Many people think that the Queen of the Dolomites glacier is difficult to reach unless you are a mountaineering expert. But actually, that’s not the case.

The Bellunese is the best piste to take you down the slopes of Marmolada. It is in the heart of the mountain range. From 3,269 metres high at Punta Rocca, it takes you past Fedaia and arrives in Malga Ciapela (1446 metres).
The run is simple and also suitable for inexperienced skiers with a cable car that takes you to the start. You can take advantage of 12 km of abundant, powdery snow thanks to its high-altitude location. The cold is your only obstacle, but don’t worry, as soon as you arrive in Fedaia the temperatures become decidedly more tolerable. When you make the finish line in Malga Ciapela, you can take the cable car back up again.

Start skiing from the hotel door.

What beats leaving the hotel with your skis already on your feet? Are you ready to take to the slopes? Without waiting. Without queues. “Only in my dreams,” you’re thinking. But no, at Baita Dovich hotel your dream can really come true. Because right in front of our hotel there is a very easy connecting run to Bellunese.

And for the skipass? No problem, you can buy it directly online, at least 48 hours before your arrival at the hotel, on the Dolomiti Super Ski website and pick it up at our front desk.

Skiing on Marmolada and beyond.

Do you think that Marmolada is a fascinating destination for skiing holidays, but it will limit your chances of discovering the Dolomites? Well, that’s not the case.
The Bellunese track is perfectly integrated into the Dolomiti Super Ski circuit, which includes:

1200 km of ski slopes
450 ski lifts
30 snow parks.

Can’t be bad, can it?

What are you waiting for? Come to ski on Marmolada, Hotel Baita Dovich will reopen on December 8th. We look forward to welcoming you.