Interview to the chef

Jacopo is the chef at Baita Dovich, a chef who is both young and experienced. Yes, that’s right: young because he is not yet 40, experienced because the skills he has accumulated over the years are truly amazing. In fact, Jacopo began spending time in the kitchens of hotels, shelters and large hotels when he was just 14 years old; thanks to the tenacity and creativity that has always set him apart, he now runs one of the most renowned restaurants in the Marmolada region.
Let’s get better acquainted with him through his own words: you’ll soon discover that he is also a really nice guy!

Jacopo, tell us how many years you have been doing this work.

“I started when I was 14, I spent my summers as a seasonal worker; of course, back then I was just a dishwasher, but it was a challenging job I can assure you.
Having just finished high school I decided to continue to cultivate my passion for cooking and, between the Dolomites and Venice, I worked a little bit everywhere, job-shadowing and learning a great deal.
Learn a trade and it will stand you in good stead, that’s what they isn’t it?”

How did your adventure at Baita Dovich begin?

“To begin with, I was a sous-chef and so I was able to carry on learning, but I could’t wait to make my own mark on the place. And when I became head chef, well … then I was really able to have some fun!
I like to play with flavours, creating new and original combinations.
New variations can be created from traditional recipes, you just need to be a little bit adventurous and the results are great, I can assure you.”

Tell us then, what is the recipe for becoming a chef?

“Oh I don’t know precisely; in my case, it took years of work and above all an eagerness to get things done. The important thing is never to stagnate, keep experimenting and keep trying to constantly reinvent yourself.”

Is there an adjective to describe the fine cuisine?

“You have caught me off guard, I’m not good at expressing myself in Italian. An adjective … well surely the choice of the best, zero km, fresh ingredients and then perhaps the passion and desire to grow. They’re not really adjectives, are they?”

No, they are not adjectives, but you get the general gist nevertheless! To conclude, please satisfy our curiosity: what is your favourite dish?

“There’s no question … spaghettini with fresh tomato and basil and grated salted ricotta. Delicious!”