Baita Dovich Menu: which dishes should I order?

Which dishes should I chose from the Baita Dovich menu? It’s simple, all of them!
That’s easy to say, but really, how can I choose what to order?
In this article we present two of our favourite dishes, so you know a bit more about them and hopefully this will help you decide.
Let’s start with the Sirloin Steak Tartare and continue with the Homemade Chitarrini pasta. Bon appétit … no wait, happy reading!

N.B.: The Baita Dovich staff declines any responsibility in the event of sudden hunger strikes or impulsive escapes to our hotel.

The Baita Dovich menu: The Tartare

The Sirloin Steak Tartare is a starter, but it is often also chosen as a main course dish. At the Baita Dovich Restaurant it is flavoured with a touch of Dijon mustard. Dijon is famous for being one of the best but also one of the spiciest mustards. But never fear, your mouth will not burst into flame one every bite, because the flavour that the mustard bestows upon our tartare has just the right balance of spice and balsamic.

A quail’s egg accompanies the meat, which is freshly minced by our Baita Dovich chef Jacopo (link to interview or home chef article). It is very important to freshly mince the meat while preparing the dish and not beforehand. Preparing the meat even a few hours before causes it to lose its flavour and aroma.

A freshly prepared and season tartare can be recognised by its vibrant red colour, its intense aroma and unparalleled flavour.

tartare di carne

The Baita Dovich Menu: Fresh Pasta Chitarrini

It is one thing to talk about pasta. But how many times have you tried hastily made pasta, because it is a just a simple dish that everyone can cook at home? At the Baita Dovich restaurant on the other hand, we are convinced that sophistication and imagination must be the main ingredient of each dish, even for pasta.

We prepare the Chitarrini dough with the perfectly adapted Petra flour. In the meantime, we cook the prawns and pumpkin in a Rational oven, which allows us to cook at a low temperature in vacuum packs. The result is a delicious aroma and flavour that does not get lost in the cooking, transforming a simple pasta dish into a gourmet first course option.

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