At the foot of Marmolada, Queen of the Dolomites.

Baita Dovich was founded in 1965 as a restaurant in the vicinity of Marmolada. Since 1991, it combines its flavoursome cuisine with excellent hospitality, to give its customers absolute satisfaction and pleasure.




Savour life in the Marmolada area.
Is not true that eating is a little bit like savouring a part of the place?


Baita Dovich, a gentle morning enveloped in the soft warmth of our beds. And a heavenly landscape at your windows. Soon you’ll begin to wonder, how have you lived without this view all your life!


Taking care of ourselves is the best gift there can be! We offer our guests experiences of profound well-being in our Finnish sauna.


Every queen has her reign and Marmolada has chosen the Dolomites: what are you waiting for? Come join her court!